What is EveryName.com?
EveryName.com allows you to create your own personalized gift by ordering any name or phrase on one of our products. Whether you came across our site from a souvenir display in a retail store or from an internet search at home, we invite you to get creative and design something fun and memorable for yourself or others. From souvenirs, to gifts, to pets and more, there’s something for everyone on our site!
What’s an access code and do I need one?
Access codes are unique 4-digit numbers that pull up a specific product or design you may have seen in a retail store. If you don’t have a code, feel free to browse the site to see everything available. If you’re looking for a specific product, just contact us and we'll email you the access code for the product you want.
How do EveryName orders ship?
Whether you came across our products in a retail store or through an online search, EveryName orders ship directly to your home. Most orders ship from Utah via the United States Postal Service, and expedited shipping options are available.
How fast do orders ship?
EveryName orders ship in 1-3 business days. If you place an order while on vacation, it may beat you home! Please remember that every product we make is unique and crafted by hand from raw materials after you order it. We don’t ever pull stock items from a shelf, and in this world of instant gratification we appreciate your patience so we can create your unique item just the way you want it!
Who do I contact with questions about my order?
Please refer to our contact page. We're quick to respond during business hours Monday through Friday, and always happy to help! If your order has already shipped please refer to your confirmation email for tracking info.
Can EveryName.com ship orders outside of the US?
All items are available to ship within the US, US Territories, and Canada; each with their own flat shipping rate.
Are discounts available for large purchases?
Please contact us to inquire directly about a quantity discount.
Are there limitations to EveryName?
EveryName.com reserves the right to reject any submission we deem to be obscene, vulgar, profane, racist, sexist or offensive in any way. Rejected purchases will be refunded.
I own a retail store. Are EveryName products available for retail locations?
Yes, we’ve been selling to retail stores for 21 years and would love to be a part of your success. Please contact us here for store FAQs or here for customer service.

About EveryName.com

We have a passion for capturing life’s best memories. Since 1999, we’ve produced souvenirs to celebrate favorite vacations and adventures – those rare moments when life stops and allows us all to laugh a little more and rekindle our relationships with each other.

As a husband and wife team, family is important to us, both our own as well as our incredible work family (and occasionally with teenagers at home, our work family may seem preferable to our own). We like focusing on the relationships that matter most in the products we create. Almost everything we do is made in the USA and custom built at our office in Orem, Utah. Working with domestically-sourced raw materials allows us to personalize any product with any name and ship in 1-3 business days. Each custom order is carefully reviewed for quality control.

For 21 years, our products have been found exclusively in souvenir stores across the country. Now with EveryName.com, we’ve opened our unique customization capabilities to the online world - items to remind you of places you’ve been or even dream destinations still on your bucket list. We’ve also added new household and gift options like personalized home décor, cute pet products, and memorable gifts to commemorate life’s milestones. Please browse the site. We hope you’ll find something just right for yourself and those you love!

- Nate and Bonnie Gunderson